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IDA Graduates

As of July 2020, 37 countries had graduated from IDA. Since IDA's founding, 46 countries have graduated and nine of these graduates have since reentered (“reverse graduated”) IDA.


Country Fiscal year of last IDA credit on initial graduation “Reverse graduates”—fiscal year reentered Remarks
Albania FY08    
Angola FY14    
Armenia FY14    
Azerbaijan FY11    
Bolivia FY17    
Bosnia and Herzegovina FY14    
Botswana FY74    
Cameroon FY81 FY94  
Chile FY61    
China FY99    
Colombia FY62    
Congo, Republic of FY82 FY94  
Costa Rica FY62    
Cote d'Ivoire FY73 FY92  
Dominican Republic FY73    
Ecuador FY74    
Egypt FY81; FY99 FY91 Re-entered in FY91. Graduated again in FY99. 
El Salvador FY77    
Equatorial Guinea FY93    Remained eligible until graduating from IDA in FY99.
Eswatini FY75    
Georgia FY14    
Honduras FY80 FY91   
India FY14    
Indonesia FY80; FY08 FY99 Re-entered in FY99. Graduated again in FY08. 
Jordan FY78    
Korea FY73    
Mauritius FY75    
Moldova FY20    
Mongolia FY20  
Montenegro FY08   Graduated from IDA as of July 6, 2007 (date of approval of the last IDA credit - delay from FY07).
Morocco FY75    
Nicaragua FY81 FY91  
Nigeria FY65 FY89  
North Macedonia FY02   Graduated from IDA as of June 30, 2001. The last IDA credit was in FY02 (delay from FY01).
Papua New Guinea FY83 FY03 Became blend in FY03.
Paraguay FY77    
Philippines FY79; FY93 FY91 Re-entered in FY91. Graduated again in FY93.
Serbia FY08    
Sri Lanka FY17    
St. Kitts FY94    
Syria FY74 FY17  
Thailand FY79    
Tunisia FY79    
Turkey FY73    
Vietnam FY17    
Zimbabwe FY83 FY92