IDA Results by Country
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Borrowing countries, donor countries, and IDA graduates all play important roles.

Where We Work

IDA at Work

974.9 million

People received essential health services (FY2011-2021)

71.5 million

People connected to new or improved electricity service (FY2015-2021)

111.3 million

People received access to improved water services (FY2011-2021)

395.9 million

Children were immunized (FY2011-2021)

14 million

Teachers were recruited and/or trained (FY2011-2019)


Kilometers of roads were constructed, rehabilitated or updated (FY2011-2019)


See What IDA Achieves

IDA — the World Bank’s fund for the poorest — is one of the world’s largest sources of funds, providing support for health and education, infrastructure and agriculture, and economic and institutional development.

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