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PSW Facilities at-a-glance

This facility will provide project-based guarantees without sovereign indemnity to crowd-in private investment in large infrastructure projects and public private partnerships (PPPs) supported by IFC.

IDA Blended Finance Facility

This facility will blend PSW funds with pioneering IFC investments across sectors with high development impact, including small and medium-size enterprises, agribusiness, health, education, affordable housing, infrastructure, climate change mitigation and adaptation, among others.

IDA18 Local Currency Facility

This facility will provide local currency solutions to reduce currency risk for impactful projects in countries where such solutions are absent or underdeveloped.

IDA18 MIGA Guarantee Facility

This facility will expand the coverage of MIGA guarantees through shared first-loss and risk participation akin to reinsurance, for investments such as those in infrastructure, agribusiness, manufacturing and services, financial markets and PPPs.