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The Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) Envelope provides additional resources to IDA countries facing different kinds of FCV risks. These “top-up” resources enable IDA to target and tailor its support to the prevailing conflict and fragility dynamics specific to each eligible country. 

The envelope is comprised of three FCV-related country allocations, which come in addition to the performance-based country resources:

  • ​The Prevention and Resilience Allocation (PRA) provides enhanced support for countries at risk of escalating into high-intensity conflict or large-scale violence.
  • The Remaining Engaged during Conflict Allocation (RECA) enables IDA to maintain some engagement in a small number of countries that experience high-intensity conflict and have extremely limited ​government capacity.
  • The Turn Around Allocation (TAA) supports countries emerging from a period of conflict, social/political crisis, or disengagement and where there is a window of opportunity for IDA to either re-engage or intensify support to pursue reforms that can accelerate a transition out of fragility and build resilience.

In preparing for establishing eligibility, IDA works in close collaboration with country authorities as well as relevant in-country stakeholders, including the UN, bilateral and other multilateral partners, and Civil Society Organizations. For PRA and TAA, in particular, country-level ownership and government commitment are central to establishing and maintaining eligibility.

More details on the allocation process for the FCV Envelope are described in Annex 4 of the IDA20 Replenishment Report (pdf).

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2022