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Results at-a-glance

Girls' Education Unlocks Future Potential in Balochistan

With IDA's support, Balochistan has built 649 new schools and upgraded 226 girls' schools. The project brought 39,000 children into school, including 33,414 girls, across 12 districts. 

Pakistani women wait for their cash transfers

The Benazir Income Support Program provides $15 monthly cash transfers to more than 5.2 million poor families. The program delivers transfers to female heads of household, thereby contributing to women's empowerment and financial inclusion.


An IDA-supported project improves the quality of and access to education through better governance. Since 2013, 16,800 teachers have been recruited through a merit-based process. Approximately 100,000 students in rural areas attended schools supported by the project. 

Mapping for Results