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Results at-a-glance

Reviving Lake Victoria by Restoring Livelihoods

More than 600 community-driven development projects—including projects to manage watersheds and restore riverbanks and shorelines—are supporting livelihoods and protecting the environment of Lake Victoria.

Helping African Traders Get their Goods to Market

In Africa’s Great Lakes region, small-scale traders, many of them women, often face administrative barriers and harassment each time they cross a border to sell their goods. An IDA-supported project aims to boost local and regional economies and alleviate poverty by reducing inefficiency and corruption at border crossings.

Using Science to Improve Agriculture in East Africa

In Uganda, advanced detection techniques have helped prevent a crop disease from wiping out cassava, a mainstay of diets in eastern Africa. The IDA-supported East African Agricultural Productivity Program helps farmers in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya increase crop yields by improving irrigation systems, fighting crop diseases and boosting food production.

Mapping for Results