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Results at-a-glance

Back to School After Ebola Outbreak
Sierra Leone

At the height of the Ebola epidemic, 5 million children in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone were affected by school closures. By May 2015, schools had reopened. In Sierra Leone, IDA funding helped the school system install more than 36,000 hand washing stations and launch a social mobilization campaign to assure parents and students that they could safely return to school.

Helping Fishermen Reclaim Their Livelihoods
Sierra Leone

Using satellite images, an IDA-supported project helped local fishers benefit from better harvests, both in the number and size of fish. Increases in local fish catches have helped Sierra Leone meet nutritional needs and achieve food security as agriculture and livestock production continue to decline in the wake of ebola crisis. 

Giving New Life to Farms in Ebola-Affected Countries
Sierra Leone

The Ebola crisis devastated the agriculture and food sectors in West Africa, making hunger a problem for greater numbers of people. An IDA-supported seed distribution project delivered a record 10,500 tons of seeds to farmers in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to help boost post-Ebola recovery. Up to 200,000 farmers across the three countries benefited.

Mapping for Results