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Results at-a-glance

A local farmer at a seed cooperative in Senegal.

The IDA-funded West African Agricultural Productivity Program provides one-time subsidies on the sale of almost 2,000 tons of maize, millet, and sorghum seeds in Senegal. The seeds are guaranteed to produce higher yields, be more drought-resistant, and have shorter maturity cycles.

Social Safety Net System Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

An IDA-supported safety net program empowers the lives of poor households by investing in their children's health and education, and protect them from crises and shocks.

Community-Led Sustainable Forest Management Program Creates Wealth for Rural Families and New Energy Sources in Senegal

A sustainable forest management program puts communities in charge of  local natural resources, leading to sustainable management of 80% of  forests nationwide and a decline in deforestation of 23,700 hectares.

Mapping for Results