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Results at-a-glance

Young Entrepreneurs Get Boost for Businesses

The IDA-supported eGhana project supplies entrepreneurs with technology, mentorship and office space to grow innovative ideas into viable businesses. The project is part of a national effort to curb youth unemployment rates.

Ghanaians Learn New Skills to Keep Up With Changing Market

An IDA-supported project provided opportunities to Ghanaians to expand employment, increase skills training and adopt new technology. More than 614 grants have gone to businesses, from those training widows and orphans in shea butter extraction to those improving beekeeping skills.

Guinea Fowls Hatch Thousands of Jobs in Ghana

The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP), with IDA's support, is helping guinea fowl farmers in Northern Ghana scale up operations. With WAAPP assistance, farmers can now produce between 600 and 800 birds per quarter, up from fewer than 100 birds per year.

Mapping for Results