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Results at-a-glance

Solar-Powered Pumps Reduce Irrigation Costs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh spends $900 million per year for 1 million tons of diesel to power its irrigation systems. Solar-powered pumps are a reliable irrigation alternative for farmers as solar technology helps reduce costs, protect the environment, and lower expensive diesel fuel imports.

Building Resilience, boosting Food security

Ethiopia's Productive Safety Nets Program has helped the government put systems in place that have increased the country's resilience to food insecurity and drought.

Community-Led Sustainable Forest Management Program Creates Wealth for Rural Families and New Energy Sources in Senegal

A sustainable forest management program puts communities in charge of  local natural resources, leading to sustainable management of 80% of  forests nationwide and a decline in deforestation of 23,700 hectares.

Mapping for Results

The sustainable management of the environment and natural resources is vital for economic growth and human well-being. When managed well, renewable natural resources, watersheds, productive landscapes and seascapes can provide the foundation for sustained inclusive growth and poverty reduction by providing for hundreds of millions of livelihoods, regulating the air, water and soil on which we all depend, generating sizeable tax revenue and forming a unique and cost-effective buffer against extreme weather e