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Results at-a-glance

Three boys study in Cameroon / World Bank IDA

From 2009 to 2015, an IDA-supported community development project resulted in an increase in the number of people provided with access to all-season roads from 31,000 to 435,000. Beneficiaries with access to improved water sources increased from 6.8 million to 8.4 million.

A nurse in Cameroon / World Bank IDA

An ongoing, IDA-supported health project covering 6 million Cameroonians has seen the rate of assisted births increase from 43% to 63%, and the proportion of fully vaccinated children more than double. Health facilities achieving an average score of 75% on a quality index of services has increased by almost seven times.

Cameroon girl at school / World Bank IDA

Across 10 countries in Francophone Africa, an assessment finds that 71% of children in second grade do not achieve a sufficient level of competency in French language skills. The IDA-supported assessment tool helps countries diagnose problems in their education systems.

Mapping for Results