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Japan and World Bank Host IDA20 Launch

The Government of Japan and the World Bank hosted the in-person launch of the twentieth cycle of the International Development Association (IDA20) at a gathering of donor and recipient countries. 

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IDA20 Highlights

Learn more about IDA20’s policy and financing package and IDA’s strong track record of building a foundation for longer-term outcomes. Factsheets

IDA20 Special Themes

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Climate Change

Managing the unavoidable and avoiding the unmanageable

Fragility, Conflict, and Violence

Breaking the cycle of conflict and poverty

Gender and Development

Fostering gender equality and empowerment

Human Capital

Investing in people for greater equity and economic growth

Jobs and Economic Transformation

Creating good jobs and supporting a strong private sector

Global Reach

  • 1,863projects totaling
  • $167.64B operating in
  • 9,983locations across
  • 75countries
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Ensuring the Poorest Are Not Left Behind

Over decades, IDA has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to grow and innovate, listen to countries’ needs, and incorporate lessons learned into better project designs, all with an eye at delivering robust development outcomes for the people most in need.

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More About Our Work

With IDA’s help, hundreds of millions of people have escaped poverty—through the creation of jobs, access to clean water, schools, roads, nutrition, electricity, and more.

Explore IDA's History

Through 87 events and nearly 500 archival and informational sources, the timeline explores the origins of IDA, its vital role in providing financial and knowledge resources, and the innovative ways it has supported economic and social development across the poorest countries in the world.

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"IDA is an extremely important instrument for African countries and for developing nations as a whole because of the types of loans that are made available to our States."
President of Senegal, July 17, 2021
"As long as there is poverty, there will be a need for IDA. And as long as there is IDA, there will be a need to support IDA. For our side, I think Saudi Arabia will no doubt join that effort."
Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Saudi Fund for Development, Saudi Arabia, October 2019
"There is such a demand, not only for Samoa but for the Pacific Island region generally, because of the vulnerability to climate change impacts."
Minister for Climate Resilience, Grenada, October 2019