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Results at-a-glance

Schoolgirls in Sri Lanka attend morning assembly
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has promoted equitable access to roughly 3.2 million students -- 52% of whom are female students-- and improved the quality of education by promoting school-based teacher development and measurement of learning outcomes.

Two women walking in Sri Lanka / IDA World Bank
Sri Lanka

Following the end of a long civil war, community-led development projects in north and east Sri Lanka have resulted in 611 km of inter-connective rural roads, 23 km of flood storm drainages, and 400 community assets, such as markets and parks.

Community Oversight Boosts Public Services in Conflict-affected North and East
Sri Lanka

An IDA-supported project has improved the livelihoods of those living in conflict-affected areas. Some 493 kilometers of rural roads have been upgraded and 23 kilometers of drainage canals built. Sixty-six playgrounds, markets and nurseries were constructed.

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