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Enrolling Syrian Refugee Children on Lebanese Schools
Syrian Arab Republic

IDA supports a project to help 100,000 children in Lebanon, including Syrian refugees between ages 3 and 18, enroll in public schools.  An estimated 300,000 Syrian children living in Lebanon are not currently enrolled in formal schooling.

Helping Syrian Refugees Find Work in Jordan
Syrian Arab Republic

IDA supports a project to create 100,000 jobs for both Jordanians and Syrian refugees living in Jordan. A partnership between the Jordanian government and donor countries is using IDA financing to develop and strengthen special economic zones.

Lebanon: How to Host 200,000 Refugee Students
Syrian Arab Republic

With IDA support, and in response to the influx of Syrian refugee students, Lebanon has instituted second shifts in more than 300 public schools and is providing free textbooks to all public school students.

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