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Results at-a-glance

Project beneficiary in all-women productive association in Bolivia proudly shows the fruits of the investment supported by the project.

An IDA-funded project has helped landless and indigenous farmers in Bolivia access 150,000 hectares of land. This pilot program enabled 2,891 families to increase their incomes by 39 percent.

Lake Titicaca Region Benefits from Cleaner Water

An IDA project provided 2,536 people with improved sanitation and 8,414 people with improved water sources, while also introducing services such as solid waste collection, urban cleansing and disposal services in four tourist municipalities.

Bolivian municipality improves education

The city of La Paz increased access to secondary education and improved the retention rate students at risk of dropping out. With IDA's help, the government built or renovated 240 classrooms, creating room for more than 15,000 additional students.

Mapping for Results